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Come Home to a Tired and Happy Dog!

Off-Leash Group Walks

Let your dog explore the trails under the watchful eye of a Certified Dog Trainer!

Lack of exercise is the number one cause of behavior problems. Our daily group walks give your canine companion the exercise, socialization and mental stimulation he or she needs while reinforcing proper trail etiquette and manners. Walks are an hour long at one of our local East Bay Parks.

Due to the nature of walks, dogs must be on a monthly tick preventative, come when called, and be friendly towards unfamiliar dogs and people.

A commitment of 3 walks per week is required. Serving Kensington, El Cerrito, Albany & North Berkeley. Please inquire for availability.  


$32 per walk (single dog)

$50 per walk (two dogs)

"After I went back to work full time last year, I quickly discovered my 2yr old staffie mix liked to destroy things around the house-- especially my shoes. I also noticed my dog, Allie started to ignore to me at the Point Isabel and would jump on people and other dogs instead. I finally found Angel, who explained that with proper exercise and training, Allie would stop eating my shoes and start behaving off leash. After only a few short months Allie's calmer when I get home and nothing has been chewed on! She's so much easier to manage now at the park too. Angel is highly skilled and talented at what she does. " - Nesreen M.

Why Walk With Us?

Your dog deserves lots of attention! Our dog walking groups are small, limited to 4-6 dogs per pack. This provides the highest level of safety and provides your dog with the best experience possible.

Sit, wait, leave-it, recall and leash manners are just some of the skills your dog will practice on every walk.